Practice: Just do something.

Thoughts on practice: Just do something. Is it important to stay inspired in your practice? Beyond the basics of the movement. What keeps you inspired to spend time on your mat? Does it matter…? Do we need to be inspired to practice or can we just come to our mats for the sake of it. Read more about Practice: Just do something.[…]

Yoga by the Lake

Join Sarah Meyer Yoga for lunchtime yoga by the lake at the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. Welcome an opportunity to get outside and infuse your movement practice with the beautiful sense of peace available at this outdoor gem in the city. TWO opportunities to practice. Come to one or both! Tuesday, July 16th Read more about Yoga by the Lake[…]

Holiday Yin Sequence

Holiday Yin Sequence I wanted to share this sequence because this busy time of year often sees us neglecting our own personal practice in hopes of checking more off the never-ending “to-do” list. My hope is that this set of poses will help inspire you to spend a little bit more time on your mat Read more about Holiday Yin Sequence[…]

Sustaining a Home Practice

Sometimes as a yoga teacher I think I should be in the studio more often, not teaching, but practicing. Doing my own yoga. Making sure that I “keep up” whatever that means… but ultimately I know that I am. I am living my yoga everyday. In every moment. With my family. My friends. The cashier Read more about Sustaining a Home Practice[…]

Strong Transitions filled with Grace

  One thing that I know has progressed my asana practice immeasurably has been taking more time to create space and strength through my transitions. Transitions in yoga… they can feel unstable, wild, or even alarming! Often times it is the transitions between postures that lead to injury rather than the postures themselves. Here are Read more about Strong Transitions filled with Grace[…]

I know we don’t all love bending over backwards….

I know we don’t all love backbends. But I do! Backbends can be a beautiful part of every yoga practice. Moving your body forward is perhaps more natural, especially in our culture, but leaning backward requires special care and attention. I truly feel it’s worth the extra effort! And here’s why: because backbends allow the Read more about I know we don’t all love bending over backwards….[…]

Love Yourself! A backward bending practice.

SPECIAL CLASS: Love Yourself! A Backward Bending Practice ♥ As much as our practice can offer many of us a “time-out” from the stresses of life, yoga also offers an opportunity to take some “time-in” to ourselves. To love ourselves. ♥ Practicing yoga with the intention to spend some “time-in” can help us ground down Read more about Love Yourself! A backward bending practice.[…]